I am a chronically sick and disabled queer artist, currently living in Leeds, UK.

Working predominantly with video, sound and performance, my practice explores themes of care, sexuality, labour, sickness, counterculture, dirt and performativity in the everyday: My work is driven by the rhythms, movement, and rituals within daily activity.

I enjoy collaborating with others, Looking at accessibility from various perspectives, and I often work with my partner and primary carer, Hang Linton. I strive to work in interdependent formats which reflect the care needs of myself and everyone I work with.

I am an initiating member of the collective Sickness Affinity Group which has been active for five years.

I am currently doing an Arts Council England funded DYCP research project called, The Trogs.

(✿இ__இ)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ Hi, I'm Laura Lulika and this is the website for my artwork and cultural activities

Thanks for coming to see what I'm onabout...
Found Dance
Page Description: A lilac background with black writing. Some gifs are scattered over it that correspond with the menu subtitles, under the title, 'Work'.
Image Descriptions:
There are two ascii art faces embedded into the text which look wide eyed and expressionless with a flower on one cheek with an outstretched arm holding a wand that has circles and stars spewing from it as if a spell is being cast.
There are several gifs scattered across the page which correspond with the menu subtitles, under the main title, 'Work'. These include;
'Workshops' over a gif of the world and people around it in a circle holding hands.
'Found Dance' over a gif of animated feet rubbing against a soft floor from an anime.
'CV' over a gif of a dog in a suit at a cafe table with tea cups on.
'Still Sick' over a gif of Stimpy from the cartoon Ren and Stimpy, lying in bed looking wrinkly and sad and sweating.
'Writing' over a gif of Clippy, the animated helper from Word Processor, a paperclip with eyes and eye brows which raise.
'Press' over a stereotypical journalist charachter animated in 3d, wearing a long beige trench coat and holding a microphone out.
'Intimacy' over a gif of two octopuses, one orange and one pink, hugging.
There is also currently a gif of pikachu from pokemon with a digger and a construction sign that says 'under construction'.

NOTE: If there is something you would like to access on this website that feels inaccessible to you then please contact me and I will try to change that:

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Still Sick